4 Warning Signs that Indicate Poor Attic Insulation Which Can Impact Your Roof

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3 min readJun 5, 2021

Underinsulated or un-insulated attics are energy inefficient. With an older home that’s not up to modern building codes, you may face this problem. Even normal wear and tear can affect your existing insulation. Unfortunately, apart from skyrocketing your energy bills, a poorly insulated attic can create issues for your roof. For this reason, you must work on keeping your attic well-insulated. Take note of these warning signs because if you notice one or more, you must take action by calling a roofing specialist.

Formation of Ice Dams

This winter season, check for ice dams. Though icicles forming on the roof may look pretty, this is a major red flag that something is off with your roofing system. Ice dams form when snow covers the roof. When the temperature rises, it will melt some of the snow causing water to flow down the roof. However, when it becomes cooler again, it will freeze the liquid. As a result, you could end up with ice along the roof edges. Ice dams are very heavy and can:

l Rip off roof shingles

l Crunch roof gutters

l Drop along the edges and break things below

Though calling a roofer to remove the ice will help, the only permanent fix to prevent this issue is fixing your attic. Ice dams indicate your attic insulation needs an upgrade.

Experience Odd Temps

This test is more complex but worth the effort. Firstly, open all interior doors and vents then wait for the temperature to even out. After, take a walk around the house to assess if there are significantly warmer or cooler areas. You can also touch the ceiling to assess for the same temperature changes. If you feel any room and ceiling possess odd temperatures, chances are the insulation in that specific area needs replacement. Notably, also check for poorly insulated windows.

Sudden Draft in Rooms

Remember, wind inside your home doesn’t just happen out of the blue. If you feel a draft, it stems from somewhere. Find the root! Usually, the culprit is cracks or uneven air pressure. To test for drafts, shut normal wind exits like windows, doors, and even the fireplace. Then do the smoke test using an incense stick. Hold this up to the common sources of a draft to see where it moves. If smoke gets sucked up towards your light bulbs or other light fixtures, it indicates you’ve got an air leak up in your attic. Have the area inspected, including the roofing system to ensure there are no cracks or pinholes.

Deal With Sky High Power Bills

Since energy bills are paid regularly, it will be easy to notice if it spikes higher than normal. If you spy a upsurge without your consumption changing or the electric company’s price increasing, it means you’ve got a big problem somewhere. Similarly, a consistent hike shows minor issues building up over time. Higher energy bills suggest your HVAC system is working harder because of energy loss. If you don’t see any visible problems in common areas, the culprit could be somewhere up there that’s normally out of sight and out of mind. It would be prudent to get an inspection ASAP for both your attic and roof to nip any problems before they escalate.